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INFO TLD 2022 Prices

Generic .info domain names can be registered on nearly all Registrars' websites. (Godaddy,Namecheap,Name,Dynadot...) There are no limits or special requirements, everyone in the world can register them. A ".info" TLD registration and renewal prices range from 35.59$ (Godaddy August 22) to 17.63$ (Namecheap August 22) As most domain name extensions they can be bought at a fraction of the full price during promos( check different Registrars before registering) While posting this article we've spot three promos on Godaddy, Namecheap and Dynadot, lowest price Namecheap promo 2.43$).

For what it concerns premium domain names (most wanted names with a huge competition to grab them) .info can be acquired for interesting prices (with less than 2000$ one could manage to register a .info for names containing a key sold for six figures in the .com tld). If 'coherent' with your project requirements and budget a .info premium domain name could be a strategic and effective move when .com are 'unreachable'.

There are several markets where one can search and buy these powerful .info (huge database can be found on afternic and sedo) or you can spot them when you type a name on the Registrars' websites and notice a 'premium' label next to the domain name. In this site we regularly publish a list of .info domains for sale (updated monthly).


What does premium domain name mean and why they're considered to be so valuable and chosen by successful websites. What is the difference between a premium and a non-premium, generic domain name?

read iconINFO TLD 2022 PRICES

What are the info top level prices in 2022? Where to buy them? List of selected resources where you cn buy and register .info domain names

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All you need to know on .info domain names. How much they cost, what is their price, how much is the renewal and other interesting facts


Backorder Auction meaning and how to bid to get a valuable domain name available in backorder auctions

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