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A Premium Domain Name is a valuable domain name being sold to a potential end user, company or organization. (Or, with the debut of New TLDs, a domain that the Registry has reserved as Premium stock and thus priced higher than normal).

Since a business domain name is often the first thing people learn about your business, one can easily understand why nearly all successful websites are implemented using a premium domain name. These domains are easy to spot, short, keyword-rich, ideal for building a strong web presence for they're highly recognizable, easy to memorize, brandable, authoritative, SEO and ADV friendly.

Despite the higher cost, they’re then considered some of the most valuable domain names on the market. In the actual scenario, most (if not all) successful websites are built on top of a Premium Domain Name. But why are businesses, organizations, and professionals willing to pay to acquire a premium domain name? In short, these are some key reasons why nearly all successful websites and brands have chosen a premium domain instead of a generic one.

Internet is not inherently trustworthy, potential customers, but also potential partners, need and look for certain subtle indicators when making a judgment on whether your company, products, services and contents are trustworthy or not. Your business domain name is one of those indicators.

A simple test, on which of these websites would you be comfortable putting your credit card information?

  • www.Marketinggiant.ru
  • www.Best-Local-Marketing.com
  • www.Marketingsm.com
  • www.smithMarketing.com
  • www.Marketing.com
A business domain name is often the first thing people learn about your business, projects, products, and services.

It should be catchy, it must be easy to pronounce and memorize. Customers' internet journeys are complex, making a powerful impression on potential customers is a must and right out of the gate. In case it's built on 'pure' keywords (i.e https://archive.org) a premium domain name tells people what a business or organization does, upfront.

Having a premium domain name ensures a high trust factor. When built on exact and short keywords, domains receive type-in traffic from people typing the domain URL directly into their browsers. Last but not least, Premium Domain Names retain their value over time.


What does premium domain name mean and why they're considered to be so valuable and chosen by successful websites. What is the difference between a premium and a non-premium, generic domain name?

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